lundi 4 mai 2015

Styling Tips

via Marie Olsson Nylander for the famous Norwegian magazine KK Living (one of my favourite!!!)

(1) Don’t be afraid to mix styles, use different shapes & materials and try not to hide a smaller yet pretty sofa behind a large coffee table. 
(2) Use mirrors instead of prints, they open up the room and are really decorative. The mix of styles applies here with the antique mirror & console together with that super cool black Anglepoise floorlamp. 
(3) Think big! Check out that Mark Eden Schooley lamp, isn’t it amazing! An oversized vase together with a rather heavy coffee table and a shaggy carpet.. mix materials and textures but keep the color scale uniform to create harmony.
 (4) A large planter on a small side table creates dynamism. Select a single plant and go for a big one! (5) Build your own wall covering cabinet by using Ikea shelves and fronts from old doors. So let’s resume.. mix materials, shapes & dimensions, think big and after all add green! 

3 commentaires:

  1. Hi - so good tips, so beautiful interior stylings, I just love all of them ! And I have already a lot of mirrors in our home, because I'm a collector of mirrors !

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