lundi 27 août 2012

crossing whites

just stunning flat in the historic area of Barcelona. the owner decided to keep some medieval walls, creating in the middle a white cross between the kitchen and the bathroom.

"The crusch alba (white cross) is a crossing of two programs, there is no circulation, no matter where, you are either in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The rest of the space, the walls and ceilings are left in its original state: raw stone walls, wall paintings and raw plaster finishes."

amazing result and fantastic space...where wood, bricks, white and distressed walls live together.

incroyable appartement dans le centre historique de Barcelone ou le propriétaire a choisi de garder quelques murs médiévaux d'origine et de créer un espace en forme de croix sur lequel se croisent la cuisine et la salle de bain. 
magnifique résultat et sublime espace où bois, briques, blanc et murs abimés cohabitent.

Crusch Alba by Gus Wustemann

Photographer: Bruno Helbling

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